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Friday, August 3, 2012
Friday Video Haze

Waiting for the mailman to deliver the new skate magazine to see what was going on in skateboarding was the norm for so many years -- not anymore! So much skateboarding lives on the web now and is updated daily with new videos of trips, tricks, tours, spots and skaters, that we can watch it on our phones, in our cars and even in a tent. Here we compile some of the newest and freshest videos that have come down the pipe in the last week so we can all stay up-to-date.

First up is Tony Hawk and his Birdhouse team of rippers touring Spokane, Wash. and Vacouver, B.C. to finish off their Left Coast Tour of the U.S. Featuring the Hawk-man himself, Kevin Staab, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Willy Santos, David Loy, Clint Walker, Shawn Hale, Shaun Gregoire, Clive Dixon, Mike Davis, Candler Woods and a wicked guest appearance by Riley Hawk and Alex Chalmers.

If you haven't seen Nick Garcia's video part in Element's "Future Nature" video then you are completely missing the boat. Transworld Skateboarding held a contest for readers to download Garcia's video part and re-edit it with their own twist. Here's the wining entry by Tom Mull.

World Industries two new upstarts, Derek Fukuhara and Timmy Knuth, just dropped their debut pro video parts on the world (no pun intended). We also get cameos from Andrew Cannon, Anthony Shetler, Matt Mendenhall and Mike Franklin.

It's Gino Iannucci, period. Welcome to the DQM team.

In this episode of Sheckler Sessions by Red Bull, Ryan Sheckler and the Plan B squade go to Sequoia Lake, California to the Element YMCA Camp. The crew gets busy on the mini megaramp and the street course before they trek up to Stony Creek for some rock jumping and end it with an epic bungee banshee dock jump.