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Friday, August 17, 2012
Updated: August 20, 6:21 PM ET
Lance Coury does 69 shows in 23 days

Lance Coury
Lance Coury does a fully stretched-out extended look back kiss of death.

Different from racing, freestyle motocross has no set schedule or series. Back in the early 2000s when X Games and action sports began gaining traction, one-off and mini-series competitions were in abundance.

Over the course of time and with many putting the blame on the economy, competitions have dwindled away. With one X Games stop, one Dew Tour stop and an invite only status, it's extremely difficult nowadays to break into the big time.

For young and up-and-coming riders with tons of talent this means you have to line up demos anywhere you can, hopefully with some of the more credited promoters such as Marc Burnett's FMX tour or Jeff Tilton and Tommy Clower's TNT productions.

Lance Coury, 22, knows this all to well, he's been a young, talented rider who has all the tricks necessary to break into the big leagues of X Games but with no qualifiers for X it's been a long waiting period. So what do you do? Lance says, "I plan to ride demos when I can but always push to get to the contest I need to be in!"

With that said it brings us to the busiest part of the year for demos across the country. July and August tend to be some of the best months to ride a ton of demos in a short period of time, which is what Lance just did. Fresh off 69 shows in 23 days I caught up with Coury and this is what he had to say. How's life treating Lance Coury lately?
Life has been very cool lately. I am maturing, learning, and enjoying every day of it. When I was younger I looked forward to tomorrow. Today I have learned to enjoy the present more than ever.

You've been busy this last month doing demos, how many shows did you do? How many miles did you cover across what states?
This past month [July] was a very busy month for me, started in Arizona with tour at a pre Fourth of July kickoff where I rode with Garrett Ahlf, Kenny Bell and John Distler.

I headed back to L.A. [where I live] to make it to a show at the Rose Bowl for California's biggest firework show, where I rode a show with Destin Cantrell and Jesse Jolsen for 60,000-plus fans.

The following weekend I road tripped with Garrett Ahlf up to Reno to put on three days of shows for Monster Energy to promote the "Firework 500" off-road race.

Then I took two days off and up to Sacramento I went for 18 days straight at the California State Fair, where I rode with Dustin Miller and Jesse Jolsen for the most part. The 18 days straight has to be the most consecutive days I have ridden since I was 4 years old.

That's 23 days of 69 shows, from Arizona, L.A., Reno, to Sacramento! I have to thank Mark Burnett and Jeff Tilton for having me be a part of their shows.

Lance Coury
Lance Coury, doing a backflip cordova in Sacramento, hasn't been spinning his wheels this summer.

Any crazy stories or funny pranks while you were on the road?
The list goes on, but here is one of them, I let Dustin Miller think he is better than me at golfing. He still thinks he is.

How good does it feel to be driving and randomly come across someone using a Moto-Gate, for moto, non moto use?
It feels great, the brand is growing, which isn't easy in this tough economy. I am proud of the guys behind the brand with me, Carey Hart, Cole Seely, Aaron Tabachnick, Jason Miyagi, and of course my dad.

You've been riding well, has the Kawasaki 450 been a better fit for you?
The new bike has been a great refreshment, I was on red 4-strokes [Honda CRF 450s] since 2006. The bike handles different and has a snappier throttle response which I really liked!

What's in store for you the rest of the summer?
I want to start competing again, I made a couple appearances in X-Fighters last year, had some bad luck in my first one with my bike not showing up till day of the contest, and still getting ninth for my first big contest. I was invited back to Dubai X-Fighters and did not ride to the best of my ability. I was bummed, but I learned a ton and can't wait to get back out there and do my best!

But until then I am going to be participating in the "Nitro Circus 3D" movie premiere [which took place Aug. 7] pre-show riding FMX in the streets of L.A., getting ready for my wedding and riding Dew Tour in San Fran [in October]!

Is it still too early to bring up sponsors and possible bike changes for 2013?
Well, as you know I had a big switch at the beginning of this year, Carey Hart signed me on under the Dodge Hart and Huntington race team tent. The opportunity to work with someone I look up to has been great. I am staying with them into the next year and will follow the team with the bike manufacturer they sign with. [Coughs] Carey and I did test a Suzuki at Milestone MX last week. [Coughs]

[Laughs] Nice! Anyone else you'd like to thank?
I would really like to thank my mom and dad for making this dream possible since Day 1, putting me on a bike at 4, and making it possible for me to go racing every weekend and get the practice I needed to be the rider I am today. Also all my sponsors from the beginning, Scott Price, and Carey Hart/HH team for having my back!

Lance Coury
Lance Coury enjoys the present with a rock solid at the California State Fair in Sacramento.