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Monday, August 27, 2012
Nike night sessions at Mt. Hood

When the sun sets on Mt. Hood on clear summer days, crows descend to rummage through campers' left-behind lunches, snow cats turn chewed-up runs back to corduroy, and a kaleidoscope of colors lights up the twilight-sky.

Elevated 11,250 feet above sea level, Mt. Hood offers powerful background for photographers, but no moments are more cherished than ones when epic sunsets make amazing backdrops for night shoots. Some of the most-recognizable images in our sport have been shot here, and will continue to be shot here until the glaciers melt away.

Night shoots at Mt. Hood are not easy to pull off, and come with a steep price, but this process all pays off for itself when the images and videos come to life. This video, from the Nike team's private session at High Cascade is of one of those moments. Nike chose to take advantage of the camper-free halfpipe and offer team riders Scotty Lago, Greg Bretz, Jan Scherrer and Ethan Morgan a chance to train with no one else around.