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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Animal's new video now available

Animal's new video "Foreign and Domestic" is available via digital download on the Animal site.

Animal continues to show foresight, releasing their first video in over two years, QSS #3 -- "Foreign and Domestic," via digital download last week. The video, while a departure from other Animal full-lengths, isn't too far off from editor Bob Scerbo's Skapegoat mixtapes. The video is essentially two-full length parts from Jeff Koscis and Mike Hoder but also features shorter sections from Ruel 'Wormz' Smith and Max Gaertig. In addition, trips to the Dominican Republic, Canada and the UK, as well as various footage from Animal team member's and friends, are also featured, plus former team rider Mike Brennan and flow rider Chris "Butterball" Gollup.

As you can imagine, the riding is some of the best and most interesting street riding one can see today. The production is equally on point thanks to handiwork of Bob Scerbo. As far as the full-length parts go, Mike Hoder deservedly takes the last part -- the Seattle via NYC transplant puts on a pegless grind and bunnyhop clinic. But, due to his insanely smooth and casual style, Jeff Koscis' part was my favorite and a pleasant reminder of his technical skills on a BMX bike. The mix sections also feature some great riding and cameos from elusive team members such as Brian Wizmerski and even Animal owner Ralph Sinisi (gap to sprocket chunk). The format, straight to digital download and featuring select members of the team, is probably indicative of things to come. Not only can companies cheaply (for them as well as the consumer) release videos while reaching a wider audience, but team members can film when it works best for their schedule. Moreover, the riding community doesn't have to wait for an epic video with two year-old footage.

QSS #3 -- "Foreign and Domestic" does not disappoint. It is available now for five dollars via digital download in Animal's online store.