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Friday, September 7, 2012
Updated: September 10, 4:02 PM ET
Dylan Rieder in Vogue

Dylan Rieder graces the pages of the September issue of Vogue.

It was only a matter of time. It was bound to happen. After filling the pages of Thrasher, Transworld, Skateboarder and The Skateboardmag since he was a teenager, Alien Workshop pro Dylan Rieder hit the big time, appearing in the pages of Vogue Magazine's September 2012 issue.

Considered the bible of fashion, this year's September issue features "The Vogue 120", which celebrates designers, models and trendsetters, all of whom are under 45 years old and are currently changing the shape and direction of the current styles and movements within fashion.

In an article written by legendary Vogue contributor Hamish Bowles, and renowned photographer Norman Jean Roy, Rieder is featured among upcoming actors, models, rappers and fashion designer Alexander Wang, whose clothes are worn in the spread.

In the article, Bowles writes, Rieder is considered among one of the young trendsetters who's "bringing fashion to life right now … and for years to come." Skateboarders have been aware of Rieder's burgeoning fashion aesthetic since 2009 when shoe company Gravis introduced the world to Rieder's first signature shoe.

A hybrid skate dress shoe, the DYLAN LO took an initial round of ribbing to become a popular and now often imitated skate silhouette. Invigorating the trend of the skate lifestyle category, where skate footwear can transition from the streets to the club. Blending functionality with fashion, the DYLAN was the final nail in the coffin for the bulky skate shoes of the past.

Rieder, a longtime fan of fashion, had been stenciling images of Kate Moss to his grip tape since he was a teenager. On skate trips to Barcelona, Spain, he was as likely to have picked up a copy of Spanish Vogue as he was to have the latest skate mag on hand.

Having proven his worth to skateboarding in his standout part for Alien Workshop's "Mindfield", followed up with his straight-to-the-internet full part (and then some) for Gravis, there are at least a dozen fan sites dedicated to Dylan Rieder -- and after this month's Vogue, it's likely that trend will continue as well.