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Friday, September 14, 2012
Running the Week 1 Wildcat

By Adena Andrews

Robert Griffin III
Sorry, RG3, but we have to do better than "Griffining."

It's finally here, the NFL. Week 1 has come and gone, but the overreactions and Monday-morning quarterbacks are here to stay. Here's my attempt at a Week 1 Wildcat, using words. Hey, I can't do worse than Tim Tebow, right?

Do you cringe each time Peyton Manning gets hit?

Is Griffining really going to become a thing? We have to do better.

What was the biggest Week 1 overreaction: the Denver Broncos as a favorite for the Super Bowl or the New York Jets being the best team in New York?

Mark Sanchez
tbd by editor

Is there a point of no returning for the regular officials?

If the five rookie starting quarterbacks were a boy band, what would their name be? (Insert New Kids on the Block joke here.)

Have you given up on your fantasy team yet?

Will Tony Parker have a beef with the Jets now that Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria are dating?

What is the over/under on the week Tim Tebow and shows up in the tabloids with a new girlfriend? C'mon, New York is bound to corrupt him soon.

Is it too late for the Buffalo Bills to get a new quarterback? (Brett Favre, anyone?)

Is Favre like the Candy Man? Say his name five times and he appears?

Who else is looking forward to more Randy Moss self news conferences?

Did LoLo Jones' 30-year-old-virgin Twitter pity parties convince Ndamukong Suh to be her new boo?

Do the New York Giants have enough money under the salary cap to buy a personality?

What's more odd, that Aaron Rodgers made a bet and won't pay up, or that the bet was with the R&B group Boyz II Men? How did that meeting happen?

Did you regret having HD television when you saw an NFL player's underwear because of a wardrobe malfunction?