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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Dutch double up in B.C.

By Pat Nugent

Australia's Anthony Dean taking a moto win before falling victim to an Elite Men pile up in the finals.

Preview Time Trials Finals

With only half as many entrants compared to the average UCI Supercross race this season, one might have expected a little bit less action. That certainly was not the case. It started in the morning warmup when an unidentified rider boosted the double into the second turn, sprocket casing Barry Nobles.

Fortunately, both riders emerged unscathed.

When the gate fell in the Elite Men's main, it was fair game for anyone on the course. Over the first jump, and over the roller, the race looked eight wide. And then it wasn't. I'm not sure what caused it, or who got sketchy, but five riders went down into the lip of the triple step, leaving bikes and bodies laying everywhere.

The three riders who stayed up would go on to podium, with Red Bull R.evolution winner Twan van Gendt leading the rest of the lap. Australia's Sam Willoughby held on for a solid second, which put him in the lead for the 2012 overall UCI BMX Supercross Men's title. Connor Fields was one of the five victims laid out on the first straight. Pulling in for third was another Aussie, Brian Kirkham, who has been showing his face quite a bit recently. The rest of the pack escaped injury.

The Elite Women's main was no less exciting. Out of the first turn, a couple of riders went down, including favorites Brooke Crain and Caroline Buchanan, who went down together in the back of the field. American first time Supercross rider Felicia Stancil was killing it with a three bike length lead in front of Lauren Reynolds out of the first turn. Stancil held the lead until the end of the third straightaway, where she got a little bit sketchy, which ultimately took her out.

With nowhere to go, Reynolds slammed on the brakes skidding into the back of Stancil, taking her out of the race as well. Laura Smulders made it out alive and in first, taking the top spot on the podium followed by Kirsten Dellar and Abbie Taylor.