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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Updated: October 16, 2:00 PM ET
Blake Carpenter ponders KOTR

Another challenging spot and Blake made it look easy. Frontside blunt transfer into the bank. Fullerton, Calif.

Who is Blake Carpenter and why is he on Thrasher Magazine's King of The Road? Blake has been under the radar on Toy Machine flow since early 2012. Fast Forward to last month and Carpenter dropped a solid part in "Daylando." Blake headed out west to meet the Toy Machine team and has been making moves ever since. Carpenter was picked as one of the five Toy Machine riders to compete in this years KOTR. And if there is ever a time to shine while on flow, now's the time for Blake Carpenter. How are you and where are you from?
Carpenter: I'm Blake Carpenter, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Flagler Beach, Florida. I'm nobody from the middle of fricking nowhere.

How long have you been in California?
I've been out about threet months now but two years off and on -- the last three months have been pretty solid.

Blake Carpenter.

Any plans to move back to Flagler Beach?
Not anytime soon, this feels like where I need to be.

Compare Flagler Beach to Long Beach, Calif.?
Oh man, come on, don't make me do that. Do I have to?

Yes, you have to.
Ahhh, well it's pretty much the same thing when I think about it. Both have a beach side and a bunch a kooks walking in sandals. I grew up skating a warped up plastic skatepark so Long Beach has a better park.

What are you expecting KOTR to be like?
I can't even talk about it anymore it's freaking me out a little bit. I'm down for whatever. Hopefully Dan Lu makes out with some hotties.

You down to make out with any grandmas?
I got a girl back home, I think she would be pretty bummed if I did.

You've got to tell her everything that goes on on King of The Road.
I know, I know, I got to tell her soon, this is pretty serious babe.

Who do you think will earn the most points for the Toy Machine team?
Leo [Romero] for sure. He's going to wreck everything -- it doesn't even matter.

Give your top five KOTR point earners right now from the Toy squad.
Leo, Provost, Dan Lu, Big Boi then I'm fifth for sure. I'll try to keep up. Maybe I'll beat out Big Boi if I get lucky.

Who would you have chosen to go on KOTR from Toy Machine?
It's pretty set, I can't make that call.

Do you know what KOTR is?
Yeah, I've been watching the videos since I was 12. I still have the 2005 King of The Road on DVD, I've been watching it for a while. King of The Road seems like it will be pure insanity, I'm down.

Blake Carpenter, mach speed switch heelflip over a hefty street gap in Carson, Calif. 

Are you sure you are prepared for it? What are you doing to prepare? Trying to chill before we leave and be ready for anything.

What do you hope you don't have to do on KOTR?
No 20 stairs for me.

Have you ever had a photo in the mag?
Once or twice in an east coast mag.

What do you think you will be most helpful with on KOTR?
Maybe a baby rail if we find one.


How much sleep do you think you will get each night on KOTR?
I never get any sleep as it is now so I'm ready for whatever comes up. I'll sleep anywhere.

What do you think you would be doing right now if you stayed in Flagler Beach?
Oh man nothing. Probably eating Tiacor's Tacos and skating Dayton Beach skatepark with Wyatt Woodward, Thomas Burke, RL Durham and Kyle Shone.

Who are you sponsors?
Toy Machine, Dekline Footwear, Pig Wheels, Thunder Trucks and Rip and Dip clothing.