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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
AL MVP: Cabrera or Trout?

Triple Crown threat Miguel Cabrera or rookie phenom Mike Trout? The AL MVP race is heating up, and here's what you're saying about it on Twitter via the hashtag #CabreraOrTrout:

#CabreraOrTrout to quote Bryce Harper: That's a clown question bro.Mike Trout is having arguably the best season in a decade. #TroutMVP

— Peter Souders (@PeterSouders) September 19, 2012

Trout because defense matters and RBI don't #CabreraOrTrout

— Michael Curtis (@curtipedia) September 19, 2012

#CabreraOrTrout for MVP. I go Trout (1st CF with 10 WAR since Mays in '64) unless Miggy gets triple crown (1st since '67). #ALMVP

— BJ Ruble (@brublejr) September 19, 2012

Miggy gets points for sticking it out at 3b (where he's terrible) to get Prince's bat in the lineup #CabreraOrTrout

— RB (@LordBal4) September 19, 2012

#CabreraOrTrout..trout for point I have is caliber of pitching faced majority of time..AL west staffs way better than AL central

— Derek Prescott (@dprescott12) September 19, 2012

#CabreraOrTrout Miggy must win triple crown for the MVP.

— Jose F. Veguilla (@Vegui_J) September 19, 2012

Trout has to be AL MVP, his defense is a huge advantage over Cabrera and the Angels' record is way better since his debut. #CabreraOrTrout

— Edward Chik (@edwardchik) September 19, 2012

Although I'm a WhiteSox fan, I have to give it to Cabrera, big man might just get the triple crown! #Nasty #CabreraOrTrout

— Aldo Maldonado (@aldomaldonado) September 19, 2012

#CabreraOrTroutIt shouldn't even be a question. Cabrera by a landslide. Who cares about the WAR stat?

— Nicholas Richardson (@Slicknickshady) September 19, 2012

Was anyone talking about the MVP yesterday as feverishly as they are today? No. Cabrera sparked the whole conversation. #CabreraOrTrout

— Jon Corrigan (@JonnyC_Good) September 19, 2012

#CabreraOrTrout shouldn't even be a question. More like #TroutOrTravesty. Mike Trout is clearest MVP choice in years, 1 of best seasons ever

— Jacob Jaffe (@Jacob_Jaffe) September 19, 2012

WAR what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.... If Cabrera beats out Trout for MVP.#CabreraOrTrout

— James Olivarez (@ohnoitsjameso) September 19, 2012

If we're just gonna hand out the MVP based on the WAR stat (still a flawed metric), we might as well rename it The aWARd. #CabreraOrTrout

— Kyle Chesser (@kbchesser) September 19, 2012