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Saturday, September 22, 2012
Life Extension's Nick Trapasso

Nick Trapasso locks into a Smith grind with ease.

Nick Trapasso is one of the most eccentric person I have ever met in skateboarding. His laid back, live-in-the-moment attitude is something many envy. Trapasso is not scared to take a chance or roll the dice in skateboarding and proved this by quitting the juggernaut skate company Toy Machine to start his own label -- Life Extension Program. So sit back and watch Trapasso do what he does because he does it with some of the best style around. What's up Nick?
Trapasso: Ah not much. Just driving back to Long Beach from skating down in San Diego today with Tom Remillard and Eric Fletcher. We were searching for some fresh spots.

I know you must be tied up a lot with owning your own company these days. Tell me what the day to day at LE is like.
Oh, I go in there two or three times a week. Everyday we are always thinking of things to make and create. Another part of the day we try to find [Tony] Tave and get him on the session. We are always tossing ideas around and with Jay Strickland we always see what ideas he has too. As long as nothing crazy happens I keep it chill. Once we got in Blitz we were hyped! They have help us out so much.

How's life as a CEO?
Oh, it's nice. It's not too crazy, it's tight. I'm just hyped to get all of our new products and little accessories in. When we get it in I get hyped!

Do you know what CEO stands for?
Ah man -- nah... hahaha!

Any new riders on LE?
Yeah Eric Fletcher is the newest and a lot of people don't know about Bo.

Who's Bo?
Bo Reid, he's from Sydney, Australia. Bo rips.

Is there a LE video in the works?
Yeah, we are trying to have it done in December -- it's looking good right now. We are trying to keep it short and to the point.

Have you had to fire anyone at LE yet?
Ah nah, not yet. No employees at LE right now so nobody is getting fired.

Who all works for you and how does LE operate?
Well it's Blitz Distribution. Then myself, Pat Pasquale and J. Strickland. We do it all and then we go to blitz and it's a small crew of people. Brian, Lopes, Webber and Nagi... and the kids in the warehouse help us out a lot too. It's a cool small crew we got.

Big switch kickflips by Trapasso is a daily standard.

Is Eric Fletcher moving out west or staying in Iowa?
Oh Eric has been in Long Beach for a month already. I'm trying to keep him out here to have a bigger crew.

Who's the last person you have tattooed?
Fletch was the last person.

What'd he get?
Fletch got a LE tatt and some Ralph Steadman art last week. So that's pretty fresh I guess. Yeah he was the last person I gave ink too fo-sho.

What's new with Converse?
Mike Anderson is new at Cons and a lot of good new product just came in. I'm hyped on my shoe too. We went to Canada recently, so Cons is going great.

Have you been on tour with Jason Jesse yet?
Nah, not yet. I haven't met him yet.

What's your favorite Jason Jesse video part?
Oh I don't know any Jason Jesse video parts.

I don't know...

Last words?
Just try to live in the moment if you can.

Thanks Nick.