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Friday, September 28, 2012
Manna Machine releases "Pure Energy"

Manna Machine's "Pure Energy" DVD is now available.

ODI Grips team manager Larry Alvarado is back with a new DVD, Manna Machine's "Pure Energy." The new DVD, a mixtape-style release, features over 50 riders and follows them throughout their days. According to Larry, "It takes pure energy to do what they do," and the DVD is now available from the Manna Machine website. Recently, we sat down with Larry to discuss his motivation behind the new release. How long did you film for "Pure Energy" and did you run into any snags while doing so?
Alvarado: We filmed for a long time. The reason I say that is because there are clips as old as seven years. Clips just slip through the cracks some times. As a rider myself, I try to let every riders clips shine. Some just take longer than other. I definitely ran into some snags, it was hard saving up enough money to duplicate it while supporting my three boys. Doing this project on my own is something I wanted to do for myself.

You normally just release shorter web edits on the Manna Machine website, what made you want to do a full DVD this time?
I basically wanted to man up and produce a DVD. A video that was different than the norm. Create something exciting. Show that any style of BMX is awesome. I want the viewer to enjoy watching DVD's again.

There are so many riders listed in this video. Are there any full-length parts or is the video just a bunch of mixed sections?
There are no full sections. I wanted to get back to the roots of what a mixtape really is in the music industry. It is a collaboration of songs that are mixed up with almost no direction and created for you to listen to. That's what this is, a collaboration of riders in no particular order to get you hyped on riding.

I didn't see your name on the list either -- do you have clips in the video?
I didn't want to film any clips for the DVD, this video is for all the riders that have ever filmed with me. I do have a few clips in the credits that never made it in any another projects that I was working on while working on this project. They are just a reminder to my friends and I, that I am a rider too and I will always be looking after them and be in the dirt with them along the way.

What was you're favorite moment while filming for "Pure Energy"?
Everyday, I am thankful I was out filming with my friends instead of slaving away for fictitious dreams.

What do you plan on doing with any profit you make from the video?
I plan on giving back to the riders. TMM is working on putting on a jam in the near future and many more to come.

Anything else you'd like say about "Pure Energy"?
If you want to know what BMX is all about, pick up a copy today. Consume, enjoy and distribute to your fellow humans.