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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Video -- Eric Lichtenberger for Sunday

The current boom in four-pegged street riding has left the door wide open for those that choose to forgo pegs, including riders such as Mike Hoder, Steven Hamilton, Garrett Reeves and Sunday's Eric Lichtenberger. All of these riders still manage to grind -- Hoder on his axles, while the others favor feeble-style pedal and tire slides, or the crankarm grind. Eric Lichtenberger is a perfect example. He's perfected his variety of tire/pedal grind down to an exact science, and his crankarm grinds are about as proper as they come. Instead of dipping his back wheel too far down, Eric balances almost perpendicular on top of the rail he's grinding. And he's already figured out to maintain that style in both regular and switch crankarm grinds. Maybe I'm overanalyzing this and maybe Eric just wants to ride his bike, but the stuff he's doing is wildly progressive and far from the established and expected norms of street riding in the current age.