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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Updated: October 3, 7:57 PM ET
CEO drives Ferrari more than 200 mph

When most people think of Ferraris going fast they probably picture the Hollywood Hills as the setting. But another Ferrari is out there going fast, and doing it in a place far away from Rodeo Drive. A place so desolate that few drivers will dare to venture across these alabaster plains.

This place is the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. Since the 1930s gearheads have been flocking annually to this mecca of speed to push their land speed machines to their limits, and this year ACAT Global has been doing just that.

Advanced Clean Air Technologies Global, with the help of Jim Busby of JBR Motorsports have reworked a stock Ferrari 575 to meet the Southern California Timing Association's specifications for making land speed record attempts. Mounted to this car is ACAT Global's new catalytic converter technology, which the company bills as the world's lightest, smallest, most cost-effective and greenest catalytic converter on the market.

Using this technology the team brought ACAT Global CEO and driver Joe Moch to a speed of 200.206 mph, during the Bonneville Speedweek on Aug. 11-17, earning Moch an "A Class" license earlier than most. With his rookie orientation and auto shakedown behind him Moch plans to take the ACAT Global Ferrari across the salt this week at speeds of up to 250 mph during the Bonneville World Finals [Wednesday to Saturday] which will earn him a place in the record books for the Grand Touring Class. The current record is 232 mph.

Click play on the above video to get a first-hand look inside what it takes to make your name out on the salt.