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Thursday, October 4, 2012
Updated: October 7, 8:06 PM ET
The art of Adul Skoorc

I can't remember the first time I meet Chet Childress -- probably at some mini ramp jam or bowl-a-rama. He was a scrawny ginger, rolling around blasting backside airs to disaster and some bluntside variations. But he was an east coaster hailing from North Carolina and Kenny Hughes vouched for him so he couldn't be all that bad. Over the years I traveled the world with Chet, eaten his version of enchiladas, watched him rip everything he touched and even seen him come close to me choking him out. But in this day of over hyped skaters with mega sponsors, blatant displays of materialism and inflated egos, Childress has kept it together and continues to just do his thing. There's not many skaters left that can say that. got together with Childress to talk about his art -- from Brew Jay scrawlings on napkins to hanging art in galleries, Chlidress has come into his own.