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Sunday, October 7, 2012
Updated: October 8, 1:39 PM ET
Hobush wins Downtown Throwdown

Brandon Hobush took the top spot at the Downtown Throwdown for the second year in a row this Saturday. The last guy to do that was Jed Anderson. (Just saying.) Hobush came to Occidental Park in downtown Seattle with his characteristically effortless, yet super technical approach and left six grand richer.

A lot of heavies were on hand this year, so to take the win Hobush had to out do the likes of Dylan Thompson, Ryan Paul, Jaeger Bailey and Jonah Owen -- guys who, incidentally, finished second through fifth, respectively. 

Scott Stevens just missed the podium. He put on a show too and wowed the crowd in typical Stevens fashion, offering up one-footers, backies and properly locked-in lip slides. After Spencer Schubert shut down every feature on course, he took things off-piste. First it was a small "pillow" drop off the upper deck. Then he eyed up the railing on the stairs -- the real railing. The one that was not part of the set up. How rad, right?

It might be sliding on ice in the middle of the city in October, but that's real snowboarding as far as I'm concerned.

The Downtown Throwdown has always offered up inspired riding, and this year was no exception to that rule. Krush Kulesza and the Snowboy productions gang of brutes build these set ups better than anyone and every year has proven to be an improvement from the last. It's a simple formula for success: The set up progresses and so does the riding. 

"Every time I think they can't get any better, and somehow they do," said Kulesza. "I'm just blown away at how many amazing riders were here and how they were all just charging right to the end. I'm definitely going to have to watch all the video recaps just to figure out everything that went down here today."

And you should too.