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Monday, October 8, 2012
Updated: October 9, 10:55 AM ET
DC premieres 'Must Be Nice' online

The online premiere of the full version of "Must Be Nice" is taking place all day Tuesday.

The DC snowboarding crew hasn't exactly been on hiatus since they put out their last full-length film in 2008. They were one of the first companies to send high quality goods straight to the Internet, and continue to pave the way to the future with forward-thinking ideas like premiering their entire movie online, for free

Yes, snowboard fans, today is that day. If you want to see the new DC team video, "Must Be Nice," it will be hosted on DC Snowboarding's Facebook page from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. PST. In case you didn't get that: it'll only be live for one day. So you'd best get on it.

Since launching their first run of snowboards the DC team has blossomed into one of the more talented squads in the industry. It seemed appropriate to sit down team captain and all around legend Devun Walsh to find out more about the flick.

ESPN: What prompted DC to switch back to a full movie, instead of running with web edits again?
Devun Walsh:
It's something that the team has wanted to do for a while, but we just haven't had the funding for it. This year it just came together and we made it happen, even on a small budget.

Just in time for the worst winter ever. Nice. Was finding snow a challenge?
Well, it really worked out because our backcountry crew was based out of Whistler, and we had an amazing snow year -- so no, it wasn't. We actually had too much snow at some points and not nearly enough sun.

DC's Mountain Lab videos were pretty entertaining. Are we going to see some Renee Renee-esque hijinx?
Unfortunately no. I wish. I Love Renee Renee. It's going to be a lot more boarding and less hijinx, but there will be a lot of personality mixed in.

Is Ken Block going to jump anyone in a rally car?
(Laughs) You'll just have to wait and see won't you!

Devun Walsh
Oh Whistler got a lot of snow last winter, unlike the rest of us, you say? That must have been nice...

Who is in your filming crew? I usually go with Iikka Backstrom, and then we usually just go with whoever is around to fill the extra spot. We never ride with more than three guys, plus our filmer Anthony Vitale and Colin Adair, the photographer. It's a great crew.

Whose part do you think the world is going to be most stoked on?
That's tough. All the parts are really strong but personally I think it's going to be Iikka's part. He's just got such great footage. I'm claiming Anto Chamberlain for rookie of the year -- he filmed such an insane rail part. Torstein's part -- I haven't seen it in full, but I've heard it's amazing! I look forward to seeing the final product.

Do you think making team videos is important? Do you have any desire to go back to a regular production?
I think it was great bonding for the team and it is great from a company standpoint, because you can control all the marketing and content that you release. Getting to hangout with the team all winter is incredible too; the guys are all so cool. I would love to make team movies every year, and we are hoping to get the nod again.

After filming high-level video parts over the years, what keeps you motivated to keep going?
I just love being out in the backcountry riding. I see everyone around me coming up and I get a lot of motivation from them. They look at everything in a whole new light and I try to see it that way too. I guess it makes it exciting still. It pushes me to keep filming and progressing.