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Thursday, October 11, 2012
Updated: October 14, 12:14 PM ET
History of FMX film due out in 2013

From the depths of the Crusty Demons vault and beyond the archives of the first freestyle motocross competitions, Jon Freeman, Dana Nicholson and Paul Taublieb are teaming up to produce a historical movie on the history of FMX. With some of the industry's biggest critics and supporters of FMX, along with accounts from the riders, they dive deep into the highs, lows, tragedies and the glories of the sport of FMX.

Freeman and Nicholson came onto the scene back in 1994 as pioneers of the sport by creating the "Crusty Demons of Dirt" franchise. Coming from the snowboard community they were accustomed to the deviant punk rock life that fueled the fire of the beginning days of FMX. Though that way of life would stir up much controversy inside the semi-conservative motocross community, most people couldn't get enough of it and soon every MX household across the globe had a "Crusty Demons of Dirt" video.

In 1998, Taublieb, a film producer from the surfing world, brought FMX to the masses and launched the start of FMX becoming a worldwide recognized sport. Responsible for all things FMX at the X Games, Taublieb has had a front row seat to the history of competition as it unfolded right in front of his eyes. For this film Taublieb says, "It's really a human story about what it's like as an athlete to look at that ramp and have to do something where on the other end you don't know what that story is going to be." What an athlete does under pressure, the fear of the unknown that lives deep inside every rider's mind, all make this documentary truly amazing.

Scheduled to come out next summer before X Games Los Angeles in August, this film should change the sport of FMX and how people look at it. Being filmed on the high quality RED cameras and a mind-blowing backdrop of exploded dirt bike parts, this film embodies all things man and machine.