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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Face Time: Stevie Williams

Philadelphia-born professional skateboarder Stevie Williams is the archetype for any poor, underprivileged kid who sees skateboarding as a means to escape their cruel world of violence and poverty. His success story is what Hollywood movies are made of: He came from nothing, was discovered at the iconic skate spot Love Park, his natural technical abilities set him apart from the pack, he left Philly at age 14 to pursue skateboarding in California and, through decades of hard work, he has achieved the American dream. Williams is a father, mentor, entrepreneur and a cultural icon. His face has graced video games and billboards in Times Square. Williams has achieved more in his 32 years than most do in three lifetimes; he embodies everything great about this nation of ours, where anything is possible with dedication and determination. Recently caught up with Williams to discuss the upcoming video for DGK Skateboards, Josh Kalis, Williams' new shoe on Supra and what's on the horizon.