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Friday, October 19, 2012
The Soundclash Project

By Reggie Altema

Plan B Skateboards and Nixon just released the Soundclash Project, which they describe as being "A limited collaboration of sight and sound." This signature series of skateboard decks, wheels and a TPS (Travel Party Solution) speaker. Visual-appeal not withstanding, this collab works because the five pro skaters selected all ride for both companies. Each pack has a corresponding color-way for Colin McKay, Danny Way, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill and Ryan Sheckler. Nixon co-founder and VP of Marketing Chad DiNenna put a lot of thought into the Soundclash Project, which came together over the course of seven months. DiNenna explains, "We like the idea of not milking the skate community, [while] building things they need and would use, and leave out the knick knacks that people tend to add in as revenue drivers. We were focused on the skaters and what they needed more than anything."

It appears as though the TPS speaker, the one thing that is not like the others, is the best part of the deal. DiNenna explains, "The TPS has been incredibly successful for us and because everyone on the team travels with it, it made a lot of sense." With function and portability in mind, Nixon made the speaker weigh less than a pound, and with 3.5mm connectivity it easily plugs into iPods and laptops. And it's louder than expected! Nixon "aggressively tuned it to milk every decibel possible." It has a rechargeable battery that charges from your computer's USB port and the battery life lasts up to six hours. The speaker's body is made from one piece of strong aluminum and if you have more than one, you can connect them for more volume and better sound. DiNenna can't stop singing its praises. "This thing is extremely tough, sounds great and can go anywhere, and that is what the team needs for a life on the road."

One complete Soundclash Project set will run you just under $200 but both companies wisely gave retailers the option to sell all 20 items separately, so anybody can afford any part of this high-quality collaboration. DiNenna says, "We could have made it that way and just say all or nothing but who wins in this situation? A lot of people wouldn't be able to get a piece of it. Thinking about the skaters, most are not running around with $200 bucks burning a hole in their pockets so we wanted the flexibility of getting what you need first, and filling in the rest of the collection from there."