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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
FBM reintroduces Night Train frame

In April of 2011, east coast legend and original member of the FBM BMX team, Mike "Tag" Tagliavento, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Without proper health insurance, the BMX community rallied behind Tag, holding jams, fundraisers and for some, offering straight-up donations to a fund to help Tag with his mounting medical bills.

Mike battled the disease for close to a year, ultimately succumbing to it on the night of April 13, 2012 in Ithaca, N.Y. Mike's death was felt on many levels. On a BMX level, he was a true innovator and influencer. On a friendship level, the world would be hard pressed to find anyone who could say anything bad about Mike Tag or his demeanor. And on a personal level, his quiet strength in the face of a life-threatening illness was awe-inspiring.

One of Mike's many attributes that the entire BMX community came to respect was his ability to inspire. If he was behind the lens filming you, you pulled the trick. If you suggested traveling across the country in a van to a contest, Mike was the first to drive. I could fill an entire book with the ways Mike inspired everyone around him.

Following his death, that inspiration reached new levels. For years, Mike and partner Leland Thurman headed a small clothing company (S**tluck Clothing), which took a back seat while Mike dealt with his illness. Over the past six months, in tribute to Mike, Leland has produced a new team video, new clothing and brought the team back on the road to Texas Toast in a genuine celebration of Mike's life.

Earlier today, that inspiration continued with the reintroduction of Mike's signature FBM frame to the FBM hard goods line. Mike Tag's signature FBM frame, the Night Train, has returned.

Mike Tag's signature FBM frame, the Night Train, has returned to the FBM lineup.

"There are plenty of ways to describe Mike Tag -- one of them is straight forward and that came through in Mike's riding and his set up. His original pro model frame, the Night Train, was introduced in 2001. It was a simple step forward in a time when frames were over built and over thought," says FBM.

For 2012, the Night Train has been slightly revised. With scaled down tubing and dropouts, the frame is a bit lighter, but it retains the original geometry (in three top tube sizes) and is now available in black and clear. FBM is only producing fifty new Night Train frames, with proceeds of sales being donated to the Ithaca Skatepark Fund to be used to improve and expand the park. After construction is complete, a memorial to Mike will be installed at the park.

To check out an inside look at the history of the Night Train frame, in addition to full frame specs, check the FBM site.