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Sunday, October 28, 2012
Updated: October 29, 11:59 AM ET
Willoughby, Buchanan win in Orlando

By Pat Nugent

Elite men battle it out at the Disney Cup in Orlando, Fla. Launch Gallery »

Saturday Sunday

The final day of racing at the Disney Cup was a continuation of some solid racing and crashing in turns. I honestly don't think I've ever seen so many crashes in one race weekend in my life. It seemed like every two out of three motos had someone washing out in a turn, or just getting loose and ejecting on any random jump.

Elite Men
Marc Willers put more of a fight than anyone to win all three days. After a solid morning, main event time came and Willers was looking good until the second straight where he got a bit loose. From their, World Champ Sam Willoughby came in to take the win. His eighth of the season to Marc's five, once again putting the two together for a title fight at this year's grand nationals. Also stepping up to the podium for the first time in a while was 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Donny Robinson. Robinson has had a rough few years with injuries and setbacks, but is pulling himself together and getting back into form. Mike Day is in the same boat, consistently riding better each race, making mains and keeping himself in the mix. It's awesome to see that even though they are some of the older guys in the class, they can still keep up.

Elite Women
Caroline Buchanan jumped into the USA BMX mix after the Olympics and already has five wins to her name (the fifth coming in today). Buchanan also pointed out that for her five wins, she earned the same amount of money that the winner of Elite Men gets for one win. Sliding in for second today was Haro's 2012 Olympian Brooke Crain, bumping up from a fourth on Saturday. Following up for third was Dominique Daniels.

The best part of going to races in Florida is usually leaving Florida. However with the 'Frankenstorm' attacking the northeast, I think I might stick around for a few days.