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Monday, November 5, 2012
16th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam

The bowl jam is always a crowd pleaser at The Johnny Romano Skate Jam for Make-a-Wish.

The 16th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam for the Make-A-Wish Foundation finished up here in Houston, Tx. Saturday night after a long eventful day. It's always a great event that brings together some of biggest names in the industry to help raise money for an amazing cause. Fans get a chance to watch their favorite pros and ams skate in a best trick contests, along with getting autographs and pictures. Fans can also buy discounted products from the sponsoring companies with all the proceeds going to charity. This year alone the event brought in over $71,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and over the last 16 years has raised a total of $791,000.

Nyjah Huston definitely brought his A-game to the jam. During the A-frame section contest he pulled some tricks I have never seen in person before like a big-flip frontside hurricane. Huston rattled off some of the hardest tricks around like nothing. Then, during the Hubba/rail contest, he kept it going by pulling a kickflip frontside crook first try amongst many other tricks. Chris Cole was on point as always. Cole is always fun to watch because he really looks like he is enjoying himself and he doesn't mind throwing in a few foot-plants, combos and finger-flips sprinkled in with his hammers. Cole had no trouble pulling an alley-oop frontside 180 nosegrind on the A-ledge. During the Hubba/rail contest he pulled a switch Barley grind, kickflip frontside boardslide, backside over-krooks and a backside 360 ollie over the stairs. Cody McEntire got himself in the top 3 for pulling a switch-flip backside lipslide on the Tranquility replica rail.

What kid doesn't enjoy a product toss?

Evan Smith absolutely crushed it all day earning him Best Trick on Street and the Zumiez Destroyer award which was accepted on his behalf by the DC team in attendance. Late in the Hubba/rail contest Smith took a slam and hit his head extremely hard. It was a horrific sight, but after a trip to the ER Smith was released later in the evening. It was a huge relief for everyone when the text started getting forwarded around that Smith was doing ok. All in all the event raised a whole lot of money for a wonderful charity and we are already looking forward to next years event.

It's always fun to watch Chris Cole mess around and do tricks like this 50/50 up the ledge
to 50/50 down the otherside.

Southside Skatepark would like to thank the Romano Family, South Shore Distribution, DC, Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Spotlight Productions, Zumiez, Independent Trucks, Mophie, Bones Wheels, Nike SB and the Skatepark of Tampa for their participation and efforts helping to organize this event throughout the year. Our event coordinators Jeff Taylor, Damian Hebert and April Rector work tirelessly all year long to bring together the highest level of brand participation and skateboarding talent. During the event, when people come in and thank us, it's really themselves that they should be thanking. Without their involvement, being a ticket holder, pro/am skateboarder and brand representative, none of this would be possible. It is an honor to hold and a be a part of this event every year and we look forward to many more. On behalf of the Southside family and my own, we are incredibly proud to be a part of something so special, thank you!
-- Big O