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Monday, November 19, 2012
Mat Hoffman re-releases "Fantasy Run"

In 2001, Hoffman Bikes released a team video entitled "Testimony" that featured one of Mat Hoffman's final full-length video parts (unless he's cooking up something currently, which we could easily see). The video featured Hoffman perfecting his "dream" sequence of vert variations, spliced together to appear as if Mat had delivered one of the most insanely technical three-minute vert sections (including combinations that no one had seen to date, such as the no-hander to no-footer to no-footed candybar to no-footed cancan).

These days, vert riding has gravitated away from technical combo variations into runs that focus more on flairs, tailwhips and 540s or 900s. No-handers, barspins, x-ups, cancans and one-hander one-footers still make appearances, but it's been quite some time since we've seen anyone slip a barspin catch barspin rocket air into a vert run, let alone a no-footer to barhop to no-footer. The days of the burly and technical vert combo air has fallen to the wayside.

Thankfully, Mat Hoffman documented every insane combination he could dream up in the above video.