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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Updated: November 21, 12:38 PM ET
Meet FMX rider Sean Fogle

Amateur freestyle motocross rider Sean Fogle, 28, got a late start on life in the FMX world but you'd never guess that from his riding style [as you can see in the above video].

The native of San Diego didn't get his first bike until he was 21 years old. Early on, while doing concrete work at local construction sites, Fogle bumped into an iron worker who was a rider too. That iron worker just happened to be the legendary Jeremy Lusk, years before he'd dominate the FMX circuit.

As their friendship grew, so did his riding skills, which ultimately got his foot in the door at the Metal Mulisha compound. "I don't ride for Mulisha, I'm just real good friends with everybody 'cause of Jeremy!" Fogle said. Lusk's death from a 2009 crash at an FMX event in Costa Rica was huge to the freestyle motocross community, and equally devastating to Fogle.

As many riders experience injuries, so has Fogle. From weird get-offs to backflip attempts, he's had to bounce back from a few injuries. Minus any big sponsors Fogle is riding for the love of it versus trying to cash checks and that is definitely a cool vibe from a cool rider.