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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Bones Wheels' 'New Ground' trailer

The official trailer for the second Bones Wheels video, "New Ground," is out now with the full video slated for the middle of February of next year. Filming began in 2011 and team riders traveled to Poland and Germany, as well as throughout the U.S., stacking clips.

The winter release was a move made to avoid being forgotten in the recent slew of premiers, according to team manager Jared Lucas. He told, "I was trying to time it when there weren't six other videos coming out. I wanted to put it out right after all the chaos, because anything that comes out around the Girl/Chocolate video is going to be pushed aside because 'Pretty Sweet' is going to be so far superior to anything else until Ty Evans puts out another project."

It's easy to tell from the trailer that this video's vibe will hold your attention much like the last one -- which was Lucas' goal all along. He says, "I kept the same feel and look for this video as I did for the first Bones video. It pretty much focuses on the skating itself. The editing's not too crazy and there are no special effects. It's just solid skateboarding and I'm not trying to veer off that path. Everything you see out in the streets is what's going to be in this video from the slams to the almost-makes to guys attempting feeble grinds on 18-stair handrails but getting locked into sideways boardslides and sliding all the way to the end somehow, escaping death the whole way."

The last video had amazing parts from well known pros like Jake Duncombe and Sierra Fellers, but also introduced the world to lesser-known rippers. Lucas states, "The part that's really going to surprise people is Jared Huss' part. We've got a bunch of stuff lined up for him with magazines as well so he's going to have all sorts of stuff coming out. As always Ben Raybourn's part is definitely going to be one to see and also Trent and Trevor McClung, who share a part. There's going to be a good amount of Josh Hawkins and Evan Smith in this video. Moose is going to have his own part and so will Aldrin Garcia. Aaron Homoki and Dakota Servold are childhood friends from Arizona and this is their first shared part together and hopefully not their last, but it could possibly be. I'm psyched to put that together for them. Then we have some of the flow kids and some montages of all the pros."

The holidays are around the corner, so February isn't that far away and with Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen recently joining the team this video is certainly something to look forward to. Lucas believes that with the new team riders, between now and the release, there could be some surprise clips added to the film. "New guys in the video that weren't in the last video include Chris Haslam, Chris Joslin and Brad McClain. Hopefully we'll get some stuff from Tony Hawk. We're planning on going filming in the next couple weeks."