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Saturday, November 24, 2012
Updated: December 3, 3:19 PM ET
Post, Willers lead in Tulsa

By Pat Nugent

Alise Post may have been down since taking a fall at the Olympics, but she has proven once again that you should never count her out.

Friday Saturday

Somehow, November has already come and is mostly gone, and as with the end of every November in Tulsa comes an extreme amount of food along with a marathon of BMX races the day after. My day started off much different than the BMX community: flying on Black Friday while hoards of BMX racers had already been in town for three full days (though our evening ended in the same way.) With the last race for points leading into this evening's Pro Spectacular, the racers were heated and the competition as deep as ever.

Elite Women
It has been a while since Redline's Alise Post has raced a Grand National weekend. The past two years, Post was injured prior to the Grands and forced to sit out. It's 2012 though, and Post has some laps to make up for. Killing it on the track all day, when main event time came, Post managed to hold off both her arch nemesis Dominique Daniels, as well as Caroline Buchanan and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Mariana Pajon. Buchanan and Daniels are going to be fighting for the title today, but Friday night was all about Post. From the first straight to the finish line, Post maintained control of the lead and showed everyone that despite being plagued by injuries, she is still one of the world's best.

Marc Willers doing what he can to keep the number one title on his bike for 2013, staying low over the pro section.

Elite Men
The Elite Men are heating up. Currently, it is a tight points race between former National #1 (and current World Champ/Olympic silver medalist) Sam Willoughby and current National #1 Marc Willers. Willoughby had a bit of a lead, but after Friday night, much of it has disappeared. Friday night's race counted for triple points, meaning that when Marc Willers crossed the line in first, he made his fight for his run at keeping the national title known. Somewhere near the start of the race, Willoughby was cut off, later Tweeting "What goes around comes around."

Following Willers to the finish was Connor Fields for second and his best friend, Canadian Tory Nyhaug for third, which goes on to prove that the young kids are coming for their elders.