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Thursday, November 29, 2012
Updated: December 5, 3:45 PM ET
'Kobrah' Yamaoda

Ben Raybourn's first trip to San Francisco was a success -- skated the Chili Bowl contest one day and hit some hill spots the next -- not a bad weekend!

Tadashi Yamaoda is the Founder of Kobrah Magazine, staff filmer and photographer for Lowcard Magazine, marketing manager of Lucky Bearings and a frequent contributor to

"Somehow I'm making a living shooting and filming skateboarding and guess what, it's frickin awesome! With all the ups and downs of being behind the lens everyday I constantly try to remind myself just how lucky I am. The traveling, camaraderie, the excitement and satisfaction of getting a great image is priceless. Back in 2000 I made the choice that was right in front of me: keep skating and shoot photos! With some help from guys like Ed Dominick and Mike Burnett, I've been pushing forward ever since.

A few years back, with the introduction of Dslr's that shoot HD video, I also began filming. That's been really fun, I've been making silly edits for the Lowcard site, freelance stuff and made my own video, "The Kobrah Video," which was recently released.

Anyways, I hope you like my gallery and maybe it will inspire you to go skate or perhaps shoot some photos of your own!"

-- Tadashi Yamaoda