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Friday, November 30, 2012
Updated: December 7, 9:40 PM ET
Skaters like presents

There's nothing better than a Christmas mourning filled with skate goodies!

My favorite part about Christmas morning was dumping out my Christmas stocking. All the cool little knicknacks were the things I could carry with me no matter where I went. Hot Wheels, candy, super balls, mini wrapped-up presents and anything cool that you could put in your pocket and take to school.

This year, tell your parents to check out's holiday buyer's guide so they can finally get a clue about what to stuff your stocking with. And while they're at it, they can see the to-big-for-your-stocking presents that every skateboarder can't live without. Whether it's the Creature hibachi grill so you can cook some hot-dogs down at the skatepark or the Pretty Sweet/Beats By Dre Pill to listen to that newest The Goat track you just downloaded off the web, our buyer's guide has everything you need for the holidays.