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Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Updated: January 1, 11:28 PM ET
Ol' Skating Saint Nick

By Brian Shamanski

Santa kickflip wallride's on his way to El Farolito to plump up for Christmas.

I woke up early Christmas Eve and headed over to Potrero skatepark in San Francisco, Calif. to get some skating in after the torrential downpour from the previous week. To my surprise ol' St. Nick was cruising around the park, so I shot a few photos, bro'd down a bit and ended up skating with the guy all day. We made our way from the skatepark to an indoor ramp, then to EMB and cruised into the heart of downtown. After awhile I had to part ways, seeing how he had a pretty big night ahead of him. Hope he made it to everyones house in time, that egg nog was pretty strong!