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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Bobsledders' must-have winter weather gear


women's bobsleigh

The preparations begin for bobsledders long before they hit the track. Here is a list of must-have winter weather gear from some of the top women in the sport:

Elana Meyers, 2010 Olympic bronze medalist

Women's Under Armour ColdGear Slash Tights: "As a bobsledder, you spend a lot of time in spandex during off-ice workouts. This pair of leggings is my favorite for those cold days lifting in random garages in Europe. They're also great for when I'm on ice -- they make a warm base layer."

Nike Air Pegasus+: "I often have problems with my feet and Achilles' tendon. It's important for me to have a shoe that's comfortable and allows me to get the most out of my running off-ice. I haven't found a pair of shoes more comfortable than these. I absolutely love them."

Baby G Pink series watch: "When I'm training, I have to keep time for various exercises and workouts, so it's important that I have a durable watch that's easy to use. My boyfriend got me a Baby G watch last Christmas and you'll rarely see me without it."

Jazmine Fenlator, 2012 World Cup silver medalist

Under Armour ski/snowboard socks: "I love these socks from Under Armour because they keep your feet dry in extreme winter weather conditions. I stay super warm and they're stylish, as well -- so you can still sport some individuality and swag."