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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Updated: March 2, 11:32 PM ET
2013 NBA All-Star Game Scorecard

2013 NBA All-Star


By Andrew McNeill
TrueHoop Network

Dwyane WadeSG | Miami Heat
Slipping away is the athleticism that made him a fun player to watch in this contest, but Wade still managed to produce 21 points. I can't imagine he has many of these left in him.
LeBron JamesF | Miami Heat
So many dunks. Either James was born for the All-Star Game or the game was made for him. I can't figure out which.

Carmelo AnthonyF | New York Knicks
While Anthony's game is great for international basketball, it doesn't translate quite as well to the All-Star Game. Luckily for us, he's good enough to make it work.
Kevin GarnettF | Boston Celtics
Despite starting, Garnett played only six minutes and didn't make an appearance after the first quarter. Apparently he made fun of Craig Sager's suit on the telecast, so that bumps him up a letter grade.
Chris BoshF | Miami Heat
Bosh may be remembered most for being the game's biggest buzzkill, fouling to stop fast breaks and when players would get past him. He's no fun.

Tyson ChandlerC | New York Knicks
As good of a finisher as Chandler is around the rim, he had only two field goals. In an All-Star Game.

Luol DengSF | Chicago Bulls
The box score tells me Luol Deng played more than 17 minutes. If you say so, box score.

Paul GeorgeSF | Indiana Pacers
George was fairly quiet for most of the night, but back-to-back 3-pointers in the final two minutes got the East back in it momentarily. Considering his past in the dunk contest, more entertainment could've been expected from George.
Jrue HolidayPG | Philadelphia 76ers
While the first-time All-Star's on-court contributions were limited, he was a standout on the in-arena entertainment videos. Unfortunately, he'll be one of this game's forgotten members.
Kyrie IrvingPG | Cleveland Cavaliers
Kyrie wins the weekend. He didn't have a standout performance like he did in the Rising Stars Challenge or 3-point shootout, but he made it known that he's a star in the NBA.
Brook LopezC | Brooklyn Nets
All-Star Games are not kind to awkward big men. Let's just be happy that he grabbed five rebounds and turned the ball over only once.

Joakim NoahC | Chicago Bulls
Noah's crazy personality fit great with the All-Star Game, but his being allergic to finishing lob passes did not. Noah seemed like he'd rather it be a regular-season game.