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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Updated: March 2, 11:33 PM ET
2013 NBA All-Star Game Scorecard

By Justin Verrier

2013 NBA All-Star


By Justin Verrier

Kobe BryantSG | Los Angeles Lakers
A veteran of 15 All-Star Games who usually goes for the jugular in these friendly exhibitions, Bryant largely stepped aside, going to the post when he did attack and sticking to his newfound interest in distributing. But he couldn't help himself late with the game close and locked down LeBron, who was held field goal-less in the fourth.
Chris PaulPG | Los Angeles Clippers
Assumed control and paced the best collection of players on the planet like he would the Clippers. Not an overwhelming performance or a flood of points, but that's not Chris Paul. His brilliance comes from his uncanny ability to dictate the terms of a game and he did just that while compiling 20 points and 15 assists.
Kevin DurantSF | Oklahoma City Thunder
Took some time off from style blogging to pour on the points yet again, scoring 30 of them and pushing his All-Star scoring average to 28.8, the best ever. Put up the most shots and played the most minutes -- that's the type of responsibility you get with the season he's having.
Dwight HowardC | Los Angeles Lakers
Played more defense than he has in the last week and did what centers do in the All-Star Game: dunk everything in sight and indulge in the occasional 3-pointer. Hit a half-court shot in pregame warmups but can't hit half of his free throws.
Blake GriffinPF | Los Angeles Clippers
Dunked. A lot. Criticized, foolishly, for being only a dunker, Griffin's slams were integral to the West's win. Probably could've heard 'em in the upper decks even if the mics on the backboard weren't turned to 11. Punctuated the victory by throwing it off the backboard and throwing it down on a breakaway.
LaMarcus AldridgePF | Portland Trail Blazers
Was matched up often against Joakim Noah so he was forced to play some defense and battle for position, which led to a quiet night. He was the only West player to be held scoreless (0-for-2, 0 points), and played the second-fewest minutes.
Tim DuncanPF | San Antonio Spurs
Didn't realize he was playing, even in the little he did play. With 16 seasons on his knees and zeroing in on his 37th birthday, there was no way Duncan was getting much burn, especially with his Spurs coach making the decisions for the West. Still, glad he dropped by after the year off.
James HardenSG | Houston Rockets
Slowly but surely stealing the Euro step title from Manu Ginobili. Playing in front of his new home crowd, Harden had a quiet but solid night, as you'd expect: 15 points on 6-for-13 shooting, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Seeing him on the court alongside Durant and Westbrook brought back some nice memories, to, like, nine months ago.
David LeePF | Golden State Warriors
Not exactly his kind of game, but Lee played well in relatively sparse minutes. The double-double machine finished 3-for-4 for six points and suprisingly got his mitts on only two rebounds.
Tony ParkerPG | San Antonio Spurs
One of the many West players to make Chris Bosh look rather silly, hitting the Heat center with a nutmeg, and spent the night zipping around and creating like he does for Pop in the regular season. Now comes the real challenge: avoiding Drake and flying bottles at the afterparties.
Zach RandolphPF | Memphis Grizzlies
A whole lot of mid-range jumpers. A lumbering forward with nimble feet and a post game doesn't have much of a place at All-Star Weekend, but Z-Bo picked his spots and hit a few 15-footers. Finished 3-for-6 with six points. All-Star grader emeritus John Hollinger would applaud the efficiency.
Russell WestbrookPG | Oklahoma City Thunder
Tried to assert himself early, at one point winding down the clock to go at All-Star newbie Paul George, which he did, with ease. Then found a nice balance to put together a solid All-Star line: 14 points on 7-for-13 shooting with 4 rebounds and 3 assists.