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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Updated: March 2, 11:34 PM ET
2013 NBA All-Star Game Scorecard

By Justin Verrier

2013 NBA All-Star


By Justin Verrier

Eric BledsoePG | Los Angeles Clippers
Made up for a bailout dunk in Round 1 with great extension and execution in his second attempt, an off-the-bounce windmill that he threw down behind his back. That he didn't make it any farther is probably for the best -- the 6-foot-1 guard's dunks look better than most because of his great leaping ability, but there wasn't much new ground covered in the routine we saw.
Kenneth FariedPF | Denver Nuggets
Had the authority but not the creativity. His second dunk, which saw him go in between his legs after catching it off the backboard, was nothing new, but he packed a wallop. His 360 off the backboard in Round 1 just wasn't clean enough, and that proved to be his undoing.
Jeremy EvansSF | Utah Jazz
Put all that time on the bench to good use, coming up with some of the most out-there dunks ever. Threatened the limits of the space-time continuum by dunking over a painting of himself dunking and leaped two NBA alums in a single night, but his creativity couldn't compete with Terrence Ross' high-wire act in the finals.
Gerald GreenSG | Indiana Pacers
Started the contest with a perfect 50 and then almost derailed the entire event. His attempt at catching his first dunk and then doing it all over again -- in midair -- was one of the most clever ideas in recent memory, but it was a dud in practice.
Terrence RossSG | Toronto Raptors
That's as good as it gets these days. Ross didn't use any props but put together an entertaining collection of mid-air combinations. He surged past the two heavy favorites with 360 variations in Round 1, then breathed life back into the contest with another 360, this time off the side of the backboard. Despite the endangerment of a small child, the follow-up was nearly as impressive.
James WhiteSG | New York Knicks
If only he had stuck in the league earlier. White had the right ideas; the flight crew he brought out for his first attempt was one of the few props in contest history that wasn't over the top, and his second looked sweet. But the YouTube legend just couldn't get anything down in the time alotted. A shame.