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Sunday, February 17, 2013
Chris Haslam's Fav Vert Videos

By Andrew Cannon

Chris Haslam came onto the scene back in 2001 during the days of Deca Skateboards. With his video part in "2nd to None" he established himself an a talented Canadian that wasn't scared to flip-in and flip-out his tricks in the confines of a warehouse. After Deca, Haslam moved to the short lived Artafact Skateboards and then to Almost Skateboards. His breakthrough part in "Round Three" showed Haslam looking a lot more heavy metal but kept his mix of mind numbing technical tricks on ledges and rails. From there he went on to make "Cheese and Crackers," a video filmed on one mini ramp in an old warehouse with teammate and legend Daewon Song. "Cheese and Crackers" was a hit and helped establish Haslam among the skateboard elite. With nearly a decade of pro skating under his belt, he's moving his way from mini ramps to vert ramps, while still putting out street parts that continue to blow us away. sat down to talk with Haslam about the top three vert parts that have been inspiring him to get vertical.

Sean Miller 's part in "Footage" by G&S Skateboards

Mike Frazier 's part in "Eight" by Powell/Peralta Skateboards

Max Schaff's part in "Non Fiction" by Real Skateboards