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Thursday, December 21, 2000
Updated: September 5, 10:53 AM ET
Kournikova: Impulsive and emotionally driven

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Anna Kournikova hasn't won one singles tournament, but she still gets as much attention as any other player on the WTA tour.

So, what does Kournikova's signature say about her personality? We asked handwriting expert Bart Baggett to analyze her autograph and tell us what it reveals.

Here's what Baggett found:

General notes: This signature reveals a person who is impulsive and emotionally driven. In case you're wondering -- and I'm sure you are -- you can't tell about Kournikova's sex drive because there is no "y" or "g" in her name. The upward slant in her name indicates an optimistic attitude. This is the handwriting of a person who always looks on the bright side of life.

  The pointy humps in the "n" indicates a sharp, quick mind that is both impatient and very curious.

Bart Baggett is one of the leading experts on handwriting analysis in the nation. You can learn more about Baggett's analysis at The autographs in this package were provided to Page 2 by The Sports Collectors Digest Standard Catalog of Sports Autographs by Krause Publications, 2000.