Holiday Gift Guide: gifts for golfers

Caddie Claus brings four gifts for the golfer in your life (4:24)

Michael Collins, aka Caddie Claus, gets a little help from his elves for the 2015 edition of the ESPN.com Golf Holiday Gift Guide. (4:24)

"Here comes Caddie Claus, here comes Caddie Claus, right down 18th Fairway Lane!" This year the golf bag is full of cool and practical things you'll love to give or receive. And if you're lucky enough to receive any of these, what you give next year had better be great.

Oakley Flak 2.0 PRIZM

Protecting your eyes should be on the top of your priority list, especially when playing golf. Oakley has just released a new PRIZM lens just for golf. Whether in bright sunshine or overcast skies, these lenses perform the same. I know it matters so think about this: When is the last time someone was disappointed they received Oakley's? Never, because they're awesome.

$170 | oakley.com

Ventev's Powercell 3015c

No more excuses from the ones you love when it comes to forgetting to charge their phones. Here's something the size of a wallet that comes pre-charged, gives 12 hours of talk time or 10 hours of browsing (so they can settle all those rules disputes), which should get them through at least 36 holes on a busy Saturday. We all have that person in our lives whose phone never seems to be charged. This will be like giving yourself a gift because you'll never hear them say that again.

$49.99 | ventev.com


If it's true what they say about golf power starting from the ground up, then we've just found where Li'l Rickie Fowler gets a lot of his power. It's rare to buy shoes for a Christmas present because golfers are so finicky about their wardrobe, but these shoes will light up the face of the biggest golf prude you can find. Comfort, style, and power. Remind me again who's not looking for that?

$160 | dickssportinggoods.com

The Navigator

How many golfers do you know who come home and say, "I just couldn't make a putt today?" Well, now you can tell them they've got a training aid designed by a golf hustler who putted so well they called him "Dirty." The only thing you have to remind the person getting this gift? Keep the box. You use it to line everything up, but don't worry, it's as small as a cigar case. Make sure you get at least 10 percent of whatever they win after you give this. Putt for dough, right?

$60 | dirtylarrygolf.com

Wilson NFL Golf Bags

Seriously? You might endure broken ribs from the hug you get when someone opens this box. And the stink look on your sibling's face knowing he only got the NFL team head covers? Priceless! Make sure to find out whether they walk or ride because buying the cart bag for a golfer who walks ruins the awesomeness of the gift.

From $129.99 | wilson.com

Bushnell Tour X

You want to tell someone you gave them the laser used by more PGA and LPGA Tour caddies than any other? This is it. Here's the coolest thing: When the red faceplate is attached, the laser gives you slope. But when the black faceplate is attached it doesn't, making it legal for tournament use. That's right, this laser can be used in tournaments but gives you the slope during practice rounds. You know what that makes Santa? No. 2 compared to you.

$499 | dickssportinggoods.com

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Compact

It is winter and although you might not want to buy that full-swing simulator for someone who has only 8-foot ceilings, there is always a place you can find to putt. Especially when it's practicing a 3-footer. Have a crazy golfer you want to put in the corner so they'll stop talking about the round they played two years ago? This will keep them quietly occupied for hours.

$29.99 | sklz.com

Ultimate Cleat Kit Pulsar

Even if the golfer you're buying for gets new shoes, this is still a gift they'll appreciate because replacing spikes for golfers is like replacing the air filter in the A/C unit in the basement. When it finally gets done, you swear you're going to do it more often because it makes such a difference. And that golfer who won't get rid of those three-year-old shoes? These will make them joyfully not slip until you buy them another set in three more years.

$19.99 | softspikes.com

PGA Tour Pro Sport

You smell much better than your golf game. That's the only joke I could honestly come up with for this cologne. It smells clean but not too sweet or overpowering. As much as I give the Tour a hard time, they made cologne that is everything they are trying to be: understated yet elegant. You can give this as a gift and feel good knowing even if the recipient is not a golfer, they'll feel great if someone says they smell like one.

$58 | trufragrance.com

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