Seven impressive Super Bowl snack stadiums

If you're the type who considers dumping a bag of chips into a bowl football food prep, then you may want to divert your eyes away from these appetizer overachievers. Or hey, maybe use it as inspiration?


2. Know someone who's great at woodworking?

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3. Cheese goalposts FTW.

4. Early betting action favors the olives.

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5. Classic battle of sweet vs. salty

6. College!

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7. "The guacamole is an extra charge. Is that OK?"

And that's a (wheat) wrap on our ranking -- for now. Please continue to send us your mouth-watering masterpieces by posting to social channels using #SnackStadium. Super Bowl 50 kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS in English and ESPN Deportes/WatchESPN in Spanish.

Huge thanks to ESPN's Darren Rovell for asking fans to share their homemade creations and to all the creative foodies out there!