Next Level Player of the Week

Updated: November 15, 2011, 4:54 PM ET
By ESPN Stats & Information

Aaron Rodgers QB

Aaron Rodgers was 14-of-17 for 125 yards and scored all four of his touchdowns when passing outside the numbers on Sunday. Before facing Green Bay's star quarterback, the Chargers had allowed only four touchdowns from the outer part of the field. Rodgers also threw three of his four scores when facing at least five pass-rushers.

Brandon Weeden QB

Before Saturday's thrilling showdown with Kansas State, Brandon Weeden attempted 78 percent of his passes with four or more receivers on the field. That percentage climbed to 93.5 against the Wildcats, and the extra targets paid off. Of Weeden's career-high 502 yards, 497 came in sets with four or more receivers.

Jordan Jefferson QB

LSU's Jordan Jefferson took all but one snap after the first quarter in Saturday's big game at Alabama, and the quarterback switch really opened up the Tigers' running game. LSU gained 91.9 percent of its rushing yards with Jefferson on the field, boosting its totals to 136 yards (compared to just 12 yards with Jarrett Lee in the game).

Joe Flacco QB

On Sunday against the Steelers, Joe Flacco compiled more pass plays of 20-plus yards on six attempts than he had on 29 attempts through his first seven games. He also faced at least five defensive backs on 33 of his 50 dropbacks and threw for 267 of his 300 yards against those defensive looks -- including the winning toss to Torrey Smith.