Catch Comic Book Heroes if you can

NASCAR fans have been hearing the sounds of Comic Book Heroes all season long during ESPN's coverage of the Nationwide Series, and this weekend the band will be performing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Race fans attending the NASCAR festivities in Loudon, N.H., who see the band Saturday and Sunday will recognize the hard-driving sound of their single "Move Out of the Way," which has been the featured song on ESPN's Nationwide Series broadcasts.

Video footage of the band performing will be part of the 35 Nationwide races broadcast by ESPN. And six original CBH songs will be featured on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.

"To tell the truth, until last fall, when we got to go to our first NASCAR race, none of us really paid much attention to racing," bassist Steve Kowalski recently wrote in a blog on CBH's MySpace page. "Since then, we've really gotten into it -- starting with the speed! Since a main element of NASCAR is driving cars very fast and skillfully and as four teenaged boys we obviously have an inherent interest in that and all the similarities that racing shares with music -- like excitement that the fans bring to racing."

Kowalski and his bandmates Collin MacGregor (drums), Ned Goldman (vocals, guitar) and Steve Kosciusko (guitar, vocals) are high school seniors based in Wyomissing, Pa., who formed CBH when they were 11. They self-released their first EP in March 2006 when they were in seventh grade and their current EP, "Take a Seat" was released in 2008.

Here are the Comic Book Heroes songs being featured this year on ESPN's NASCAR Nationwide Series programming:

  • "Move Out of the Way" from the album "Take A Seat" (iTunes | Amazon)
  • "Catch Me if You Can" from the album "Take A Seat" (iTunes | Amazon)
  • "Wide Open" from the album "Take A Seat" (iTunes | Amazon)
  • "Here & Now" from the album "Take A Seat" (iTunes | Amazon)
  • "Go It Alone" from the album "Take A Seat" (iTunes | Amazon)

In addition to Comic Book Heroes, a variety of bands are featured on ESPN's NASCAR broadcasts.

You can vote at Fuzztopia.com for the song you want to be featured on the images of the month highlights on "NASCAR Now." Music from Underground Garage and Wicked Cool Records will also be featured on the show.

Here are artists and the music featured on ESPN's "NASCAR Now" in June:

Invisible Lines

  • "Clean up The Mess" from the album "Wise Up!" (iTunes | Amazon)

The Doughboys

  • "Maybe I've Gone Crazy" from the album "Is It Now?" (iTunes | Amazon)


The Time Beings

  • "I Don't Wanna Be Left Behind " from the album "Thank You" (ebandagogo.com)