Let's get the madness craccin'

March Madness is here.

Even tho many critics sayin' they think the tourney is weak this year, I'm looking forward to tha madness. It's really hard for me 'cuz I'm out here on the road trying to catch games while I'm on tour for my new album "Doggumentary" that's coming March 29.

March Madness is about to get craccin' and tha Boss Dogg is lettin' ya know who's #winning. If ya think ya got me beat on these teams, enter my Tournament Challenge and let me see what ya got!

My boys at USC 'bout to smacc down on VCU, but they got a tough one when they face my dogs, tha Hoyas, in da next round.

This SC vs. G-Town game is gonna be a good one … nudoknowthat! Tha Hoyas get Chris Wright back, but tha rest of tha team needs to step their game up since SC is goin' hard. G-Town gonna be all rested up, and I know they ready to come back from that loss in tha Big East. I rep tha West, but I gotta go with the Hoyas on this one.

In the rest of the tournament, everyone expectin' tha No. 1 teams to beat everyone, but some of these other teams are gonna be showin' up ready to play!

Make sure to keep an eye out for tha Tar Heels, my boys at Syracuse, and I know Kemba Walker and UConn gonna be comin' wid it! Who gonna challenge Tha Boss Dogg? Cut me in or cut me out.

Rap star Snoop Dogg will provide weekly blogs on ESPN.com's Music in The Life during the 2011 NCAA tournament.