Get in tune with Jared Allen

Jared Allen has some badass music on his iPod. Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Sure he rocks the mullet, but Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen says his musical tastes are mostly country.

Asked last year by The Life what kind of music he listens to on his iPod, Allen said it's all country and classic rock.

"Hank Williams Jr. and Poison," Allen said.

Poison? Really?

"It's classic rock. It's butt rock, though," he said. "You gotta love butt rock.

"I got everybody," Allen said. "I've got Rascal Flatts, I've got Billy Currington, I got Keith Anderson; you name it, I got it. Garth Brooks is my favorite … George Strait."

And the classic rock in his rotation stretches beyond the hair metal of Poison.

"Oh, Journey, gotta have Journey, you gotta have Bon Jovi," Allen said. "Let's see Whitney Houston, huge fan. … 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' all the time. And yeah, you name it, I've got it."