Get in tune with Nick Swisher

New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher recently spoke with ESPN.com about his musical tastes and preferences.

ESPN.com: What are the top three songs on your iPod right now?

Swisher: My top three that I listen to a lot? I'd say the first one would be "Beggin'" [by Madcon], I'd probably say the second one would be Michael Jackson, a little Michael Jackson, a little mix, I don't have one specific song. I'm just going to say Michael Jackson in the two spot. And then I'm probably going to say "Every Girl" would probably be song No. 3.

ESPN.com: Those are some good songs.

Swisher: Yeah, you know, I mean, you gotta break it down, you gotta mix and match, try and find the right groove, what you're feeling, so yeah, I'd say those three.

ESPN.com: Your first concert, do you remember what it was?

Swisher: Yeah, I do, I do. My first concert, I was in the seventh grade, I went with my mother and I went and saw Janet Jackson. And that was when she was doing the Velvet Rope tour. So that was when she had the big velvet cross, you know, and she actually needed somebody from the audience. I was seventh grade, you know, trying to get picked so I could go up. She could strap me down on that thing, you know and then do her little, the finish of the rest of her concert. But I wasn't picked.

ESPN.com: I was going to say, I'm guessing you weren't picked.

Swisher: No, I don't think she saw me. But, Janet, I was really disappointed in that one.

ESPN.com: Maybe she'd pick you if you were around this time.

Swisher: I don't know, maybe, I have to go to one of her concerts and check it out.

ESPN.com: All right, now, say you're auditioning for "American Idol," what song is gonna get you to Hollywood.

Swisher: Wow, what song am I going to sing? ... Kings of Leon, I would probably say "Use Somebody." I think I could sing that. I think I could, maybe ...

ESPN.com: Do you want to try?

Swisher: No, but me and Johnny Damon, we've been going karaoke-ing every now and then, so I've really been working on the levels in my voice to try and get myself there, because even if I didn't make it I think I would go and do it ... just for the laugh.

ESPN.com: If you could go on tour with a band, a singer, a group, who would it be and why?

Swisher: I have to go with my buddy, Kenny, Kenny Chesney. Kenny and I go way back, and I tell you what, I just think that his concerts are so amazing. He brings so much enthusiasm and energy to the stage, I swear I feel like he's like 7-foot on stage. He's moving around, he's getting the fans into it and it's just a great concert to go to.

ESPN.com: If you were to make a band with your current team members, who would play what instruments?

Swisher: I'd probably have to have Ace [Alfredo Aceves], I'd probably have to have Ace playing the guitar. I'd put Johnny Damon in there somehow, I don't know where I'd put him but he'd be in my band. I'd have A.J. Burnett in my band. I think I'd bring along C.C. [Sabathia] for some security purposes, just because he's so big. And then maybe I could bring him in for a little rap or something like that. But I think that would be my crew; I think I'd roll with those four guys.

ESPN.com: Did you play any instruments growing up, any musical talents?

Swisher: I did. I have to say this on air? [laughs] Sixth grade I played the saxophone, seventh grade I played the trumpet and eighth grade I played the trombone.

ESPN.com: I'm very impressed.

Swisher: And I fiddle around on the guitar now, but you know nothing big. I really have to get on that and start taking lessons so I can take it to that next level.

ESPN.com: Are you ever in the dugout and you have a song pop into your head and you just start doing a dance move?

Swisher: I think it's the same for everybody, you know, early in the morning for a day game like this, where it's kind of a gloomy day, you just came off a long game the night before, I think the last song you hear on the radio is what sticks in your head, at least until you hear something else. And that song for me was this morning, I heard a little Journey this morning. Yeah, Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'" and then Hall and Oates, "She's Gone."

ESPN.com: Now, your at-bat song, how important is that to you and what is it right now?

Swisher: I think it's a little different. I think it changes throughout the year, I think just depending on your personality or what you're feeling in that certain spot of the season. I think earlier in the year I was using -- what did I use -- I used "Turn My Swag On." Right now I'm doing a little Big 'N' Rich, "Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy." And so, yeah, I'm just kind of mixing and matching, just trying to find what works. And here in Yankee Stadium, whatever song you hear, it's got a good sound to it. I mean, this is the Taj Mahal of baseball and so, yeah, you want to have something that ... gets the crowd going and gets them going for you.

ESPN.com: Now I'm going to have you pick between the two: Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift?

Swisher: I'm gonna go with Carrie on this one. I'm gonna go with Carrie.

ESPN.com: The early happy, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" Beatles or the later, trippy "I Am The Walrus" Beatles?

Swisher: I'm solely going to go with the early Beatles, I'm gonna go with the early Beatles. One of my best friends in the whole world, Eric, he loves the Beatles, so I'm gonna say that for him.

ESPN.com: What about Jay-Z or Lil Wayne?

Swisher: I'm gonna go with Jay-Z. Jay-Z's a big New York guy and it just seems like he's been coming out with things every year. And plus he's got Beyonce with him, so I'm gonna go with him.

ESPN.com: I mean, you have to.

Swisher: Yeah, I don't think I have a choice.

ESPN.com: And last but not least, Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth?

Swisher: I'm gonna go with Sammy Hagar. I saw Sammy Hagar one time down at Cabo and it was mind-blowing, it was legit. We had a great time with the whole tequila thing and this and that -- it was just, it was a good time.