Moss snags first 'Madden 11' 100 rating

September, 24, 2010
By Jon Robinson
Randy MossAP Photo/Evan PinkusRandy Moss' spectacular catch rating has been elevated to a perfect 100 in "Madden NFL 11."

Thanks to his jaw-dropping one-handed grab over Darrelle Revis of the Jets, EA Sports is going to boost Randy Moss' spectacular catch rating to a perfect score of 100 in the next "Madden NFL 11" online update scheduled for Friday.

This is the first 100 rating given out this season, and according to "Madden" ratings czar Donny Moore, it couldn't be more well-deserved for Moss, a player who has consistently been one of the most feared polygonal weapons in the game.

"Randy Moss was 99 in spectacular catch, so he was already the best in the game," explains Moore. "He was tied with Braylon Edwards to start the season, but we knocked Braylon down a point or two because he's not performing like that in the game for real. If you're rated a 99, the way we look at it, you have to perform at that 99 level the entire time or you're going to lose it; 99 is perceived as the greatest of all time.

"The Sports Science segment [on ESPN] helped a lot, because the ball was traveling at, like, 45 miles per hour and [Moss] had to catch it at the perfect angle just to slow the ball down. He literally just one-handed it. He didn't even try to raise his left hand in any way. I think he's the best spectacular catcher ever, even passing Cris Carter in my mind. He has such beautiful body control, not to mention his hands are just amazing. On top of it, the play happened over Revis, so that even adds to it. It's just one of those plays that everyone saw, and it's the very definition of spectacular catch, so we thought it warranted the perfect rating."

Madden NFL 11EA SportsRandy Moss is the first player this season to get a perfect 100 rating.

Past "Madden" video games have featured other perfect 100 ratings, but the number is rare. Players who have achieved this rating include Reggie Bush (agility), Tom Brady (awareness), Peyton Manning (awareness), Sebastian Janikowski (kick power), Braylon Edwards (spectacular catch). Randy Moss has also previously been awarded a perfect 100 rating for jumping.

When asked about other players on the cusp of 100 for this season, Moore says there are a few at that 99.75 mark who can make the jump to 100 with a great showing.

"There were a lot of people who wanted us to ship the game with Chris Johnson at 100 speed, but he is already so darn good in the game. We want to reserve these 100 ratings for special moments where a player goes above and beyond to earn the rating. I think Peyton Manning's awareness could move to 100. The guy is like an offensive coordinator out there. The key is a big moment where someone exemplifies that 100 rating.

"This certainly isn't something we're going to do every week, but we'll do it if somebody shows that type of play out on the field like Moss did against the Jets. Like I said, that play is the definition of spectacular catch."


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