It's a MUT Thanksgiving

November, 22, 2011
By Jon Robinson
Madden Ultimate TeamEA SportsLawrence Taylor is just one of ten new cards in the MUT Thanksgiving collection.

Looking to upgrade your "Madden" Ultimate Team lineup? Then forget about the turkey, because Thanksgiving week is all about boosting your squad with some of the best cards we've seen added to the mix.

Madden Ultimate Team
EA SportsThe Freak is back!

Starting on Tuesday, look for two new cards to be released each day, with ten standard edition cards for each player listed and ten limited edition versions of each player based on their best Thanksgiving performances (only thing missing is the Turducken).

Here are the players you can look to acquire:

  • Peyton Manning -- 11/25/04 -- 236 Yds, 6 TDs (available in Gold Premium and Legendary packs)

  • Randy Moss -- 11/26/98 (Rookie) -- 3 Rec, 163 Yds, 3 TDs (available in Gold Premium and Legendary packs)

  • Charles Woodson -- 11/26/09 -- 1 TD, 2 INTs, 1 SAC, 1 FF, 4 PDEF, 6 TAK (available in Gold Premium and Legendary packs)

  • Tony Romo -- 11/23/06 -- 306 Yds, 5 TDs (available in Gold Premium and Legendary packs)

  • Chris Johnson -- 11/27/08 -- 16 Car, 125 Yds, 2 TDs (available in Gold Premium and Legendary packs)

  • Barry Sanders -- 11/27/97 -- 19 Car, 167 Yds, 3 TDs (available in Legendary packs)

  • Walter Payton -- 11/24/77 -- 20 Car, 137 Yds, 1 TD, 4 Rec, 107 Yds, 1 TD (75 Yds) (available in Legendary packs)

    Madden Ultimate Team
    EA SportsSweetness is gold.

  • Lawrence Taylor -- 11/25/82 -- Game winning 97 YD INT TD, 1 SAC (available in Legendary packs)

  • Marcus Allen (Chiefs) -- 11/28/96 -- 15 Car, 73 Yds, 2 TDs (available in Legendary packs)

  • Eddie George (Oilers) -- 11/27/97 -- 34 Car, 110 Yds (available in Legendary packs)

    MUT fans looking to complete the collection must acquire all ten of the Limited Edition cards, with the collection reward consisting of getting each of the cards back, 10 million coins, and 99 contracts per reward card.

    But be warned (and get out your wallet), as the "Limited Edition Thanksgiving Collection" will be the most difficult to attain in MUT history. Then again, it also carries with it the biggest reward in MUT history, so if you're a gamer obsessed with this addictive mode, it should be worth the gamble, especially if you're a fan of "Madden" studs like Randy Moss and Barry Sanders, and you're looking to relive the good old days, not to mention, collect some of the coolest cards the game can offer.

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