'NBA 2K10': Under the Radar

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Anthony Randolph | PF | Warriors

"He got the highlight reel play of the day … make that the week … make that the year. Now that was a dunk."

Favorite moment playing a sports game this year: Monta Ellis is running the break and dishes to Anthony Randolph on the wing as he streaks toward the hoop. I think I hit the Shot Stick a little early, but instead Randolph soars up with two hands and dunks on the defender in the lane. The crowd is going bonkers, the announcers are yelling how it's the dunk of the year, and when I look over at the Warriors bench, Ronny Turiaf starts to clutch his chest like he's having a heart attack and falls back onto his chair while the rest of the Warriors jump around in disbelief. It's one of those rare moments where a game captures everything you love about a sport in one scene, and it's the polygonally-potent Randolph who made it all possible.

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