TitleTown in the Windy City

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Imagine waking up on a frostbitten morning in December. The tundra-like conditions have iced in your front door, your car is probably towed by now because it was parked on an emergency snow route, and that's okay. There was no way it was going to start this morning. Too cold. It's Sunday and one goal is so clearly in your mind, it blocks out even the most basic human needs. Grab your coat, trudge to the EL, the Bears play at noon (not 1 p.m.)! Welcome to the Midwest. Welcome to TitleTown, USA. Welcome to Chicago.

No city in this country (or Canada for that matter) can compare to Chicago in terms of sports culture. Heckle all you want, Philadelphia. Buy as many championships as you can muster, Boston and New York. Nothing matches the passion, pain, history and successes of these broad shoulders.

Chicago franchises were charter members of professional baseball, football and hockey making it an epicenter of professional sports history dating back to 1876 when Chicagoan William Hulbert helped found the National League. His franchise, the Chicago White Stockings would later be renamed the Chicago Cubs, but the name White Stockings didn't die there. Charles Comiskey renamed his minor league team that moniker when it helped found the American League in 1902. The Chicago Blackhawks were part of the "Original Six" in 1926, and the legendary George Halas, acting as a player-coach-owner of the Chicago Bears, helped create the NFL.

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I would have posted a video, but the 15-second limit is insufficient for me to express why Chicago IS TitleTown USA. It may seem like baseball is no longer America's pastime to a Green Bay fan, since they have no other professional sports teams, but in the real world football is not the only important sport.

It is true that the Packers have more championships than the Bears, but Chicago has nine, which puts them ahead of any NFL team not from Green Bay.

We also have six championships from the Bulls, which featured the athlete most associated with championships other than Bill Russell.

Do you remember Air Jordan?

The Blackhawks brought the city three Stanley Cups, University of Loyola gave us an NCAA basketball championship, and University of Chicago has gifted the Windy City an NCAA football national champion.

As far as the national pastime goes, the Cubs have offered two World Champions and the White Sox have produced three.

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Chicago's titles aren't based off of just one team. The Bears are the home of the NFL, the Bulls made the NBA global. Just give it to the best city, best sports city, best fans, give it to Chicago.