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Updated: October 9, 2012, 5:35 PM ET
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clark Judge of CBSSports.com:

Week 6


1. Houston Texans -- It's 2011 all over again. With the loss of Brian Cushing, the Texans find out just how resilient they are.

2. Atlanta Falcons -- Let's just fast forward to the playoffs so we can see if Matt Ryan can do there what he does the first 16 games of the season.

3. San Francisco 49ers -- I really want to rank these guys higher, and for one simple reason: They're the best team I've seen this year. Odd as it sounds, that loss to Minnesota will strengthen them.

4. Baltimore Ravens -- The Ravens are good enough to lead their division, but I just don't know if their defense is good enough to keep them there.

5. Chicago Bears -- Now you know why Chicago isn't Second City anymore. The Bears' defense outscored Chicago's last three opponents by itself.

6. New England Patriots -- The Patriots can pass. They can run. They can pile up the yards and first downs. And they can start circling the bases on a soft schedule.

7. Minnesota Vikings -- This is the most surprising team out there. I don't know how Leslie Frazier is doing it, but it's great to have the Vikings back on the map.

8. New York Giants -- One of these days, the Giants' pass rushers will answer the wake-up call. Considering New York's tortuous schedule, it better happen sooner, not later.

9. Arizona Cardinals -- Kevin Kolb isn't the issue here. That leaky offensive line is. If the Cards don't get better at the tackles they don't get better, period.

10. Philadelphia Eagles -- Coming to a neighborhood near you: "Edward Scissorhands," starring Michael Vick. The poor guy has more turnovers (11) than all but six teams. Andy Reid is right: That has to stop.

11. San Diego Chargers -- Just when you want to believe in the Bolts, they go out and blow a 10-point lead to a winless opponent. I just don't know what to make of these guys ... again.

12. Cincinnati Bengals -- Sorry, but I can't explain that loss to Miami, either. Talk about Curb Your Enthusiasm.

13. Seattle Seahawks -- Great defense. Terrific running back. And a rookie quarterback I don't trust. Add them up, and what do you have? A team playing for second in the NFC West.

14. Green Bay Packers -- I don't care how sensational Aaron Rodgers is. If the Packers can't fix their pass defense they're doomed.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Troy Polamalu is hurt again, and the Steelers' defense can't protect fourth-quarter leads. Not good, people. Not good.

16. Denver Broncos -- So Peyton Manning is playing well. Look at the big picture, people: Even he can't rescue Denver from a brutal schedule. Maybe it's because the Broncos just aren't that good.

17. St. Louis Rams -- You gotta love what Jeff Fisher is doing, but it's what Danny Amendola is doing -- namely, nothing after suffering a dislocated clavicle -- that's going to affect this team more.

18. Dallas Cowboys -- Big D stands for Discouraging, and not just because the Cowboys can't score TDs. Four of their next five games are on the road.

19. Detroit Lions -- Granted, the Lions have talent, but look where it has them: They're 10 seconds away from a winless season.

20. Washington Redskins -- That RG3 injury has me wondering: Just how does he operate from here on in? He's a marvelous talent, but his strength -- namely, his ability to run -- is also his greatest liability.

21. Buffalo Bills -- Another blowout loss, and people are beginning to grumble about Ryan Fitzpatrick. They should grumble about a defense that was supposed to improve. The numbers don't lie. The Bills have been outscored 90-17 over the last six quarters.

22. Indianapolis Colts -- The more you watch Andrew Luck the more you start thinking that maybe, just maybe, we're looking at Peyton Manning, Part Duex.

23. New Orleans Saints -- So the Saints' offense is rolling again and Drew Brees just tacked up another record. A porous defense will keep New Orleans from going anywhere.

24. Miami Dolphins -- I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Dolphins might be the second-best team in the AFC East.

25. New York Jets -- Mark Sanchez isn't the problem with these guys. The rest of the team is. The Jets just don't have enough playmakers.

26. Carolina Panthers -- What we're witnessing is Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, and it's pulling one ballclub down.

27. Oakland Raiders -- Penalties aren't the issue anymore, but offense is. There's not enough of it.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- One of these days, the Bucs will get a chance to practice their own kneeldowns.

29. Tennessee Titans -- Jake Locker is hurt. The defense can't stop anyone. And there's an APB on Chris Johnson. That's not how you win, and the Titans are proving it.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars -- The more Blaine Gabbert struggles, the more I'm convinced the Jags are in deep kimchi for more than just this season.

31. Kansas City Chiefs -- Bad enough that the team stinks. But when we boo the fans -- and Kansas City fans, no less -- you know something is terribly wrong.

32. Cleveland Browns -- Five weeks into the season, and already the Browns are out of the picture. Looks like ownership is the only thing that ever changes with these guys.



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