Wednesday, January 15
Bill Walton's long, strange trip continues

ESPN Release

Bill Walton
It's the thought that counts ... and Bill Walton has plenty on what's happening in the world.
NBA Hall of Famer and ESPN and ABC Sports lead NBA commentator Bill Walton will share the rarely seen side of his entertaining and unusual life in Bill Walton's Long, Strange Trip, a new television reality series produced by NBA Entertainment. The first two of seven 30-minute episodes will debut on ESPN on Sunday, February 2 at 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET.

Cameras will follow Walton, one of sports most unique and outspoken personalities, wherever he goes -- whether he's analyzing games, barging into players' locker rooms to offer his unsolicited advice, entertaining the biggest names in basketball and entertainment or spending time relaxing at home in his 16-foot high tee-pee. Viewers will get the ultimate "inside look" at Walton's uncommon life.

"I have been blessed with an extraordinary life," said Walton. "For years, I have been telling everyone I meet about my experiences and my passion for the game. Now, I get to share every aspect of my life with millions of fans all at once. It's like a big party. What could be better?"

Walton is one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all-time, is the proud father of his four sons Adam, Nathan, Luke, and Christopher, and is a devoted Grateful Dead fan and honorary member of the band.

During last year's NBA Playoffs, Walton experienced his "ultimate dream" by attending 30 NBA playoff games in 30 nights through his "Love it Live" tour.

Bill Walton's Long, Strange Trip will air on ESPN Sunday nights. Following is the full schedule:

Episode #1 - 			Sunday, February 2 		8:00PM/ET
Episode #2 - 			Sunday, February 2 		8:30PM/ET
Episode #3 - 			Sunday, February 16		8:30PM/ET
Episode #4 - 			Sunday, February 23 		8:30PM/ET
Episode #5 - 			Sunday, March 2 		8:30PM/ET
Episode #6 - 			Sunday, March 9 		8:00PM/ET
Episode #7 - 			Sunday, March 9		8:30PM/ET