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 Monday, September 6
ESPN by the numbers
 Over the past 20 years, a lot of ink has been devoted to the growth and impact of ESPN and its programming. There are some facts, however, which even the most loyal ESPN viewers might not know. With that in mind, here are a few things you might not have known about ESPN:

ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, Conn.

1 - Buildings at ESPN Plaza in 1979

7 - Buildings at ESPN Plaza in 1999

3 - Satellite dishes at ESPN Plaza in 1979

25 - Satellite dishes at ESPN Plaza in 1999

6 - Movies in which Chris Berman has appeared (Eddie, Celtic Pride, Little Big League, Necessary Roughness, Kingpin and The Program)

21 - Languages in which ESPN programming is broadcast throughout the world

22 - Age of WNBA sideline reporter Tiffany Wright, the youngest ESPN on-air personality

22 - Uniform number of Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Paul Mara, who was born in Ridgewood, N.J. on Sept. 7, 1979

41.68120 N - Latitude of ESPN Plaza

42 - ESPN personalities who are former professional athletes

43 - Acres of land at ESPN Plaza

59 - Monitors in Studio A, where SportsCenter and other programs are produced

62 - Sports Emmy Awards won by ESPN and ESPN2

72.94101 W - Longitude of ESPN Plaza

128 - Monitors in the Screening Room at ESPN Plaza

173 - Beta tape machines at ESPN Plaza

Bob Ley poses with a handful of ESPN's 62 Emmy awards.

620 - ESPN Radio affiliates across the country

860 - Parking spaces at ESPN Plaza

960 - Pages in the 1999 ESPN Sports Almanac

1,097 - College football telecasts on ESPN as of Sept. 7, 1999, the network's 20th anniversary

2,100 - ESPN employees

3,283 - Miles from ESPN Plaza in Bristol, Connecticut to Bristol, England

4,200 - Live/original hours of annual programming on ESPN2

4,900 - Live/original hours of annual programming on ESPN

7,306 - Days ESPN has been on the air as of Sept. 7, 1999

21,523 - SportsCenter episodes aired as of Sept. 7, 1999

30,000 - Videotapes in the ESPN Classic library

95,000 - Average number of e-mail messages sent per day at ESPN

371,700 - Square footage of ESPN Plaza buildings

850,000 - Circulation of ESPN The Magazine

1,400,000 - ESPN subscribers in 1979
76,216,000 - ESPN subscribers in 1999

6,000,000 - Unique users of ESPN Internet Ventures per month

65,076,000 - Homes reached by ESPN2 in 1999, the second most popular sports television network

117,600,000,000,000 - Miles from Earth (20 light years) to the star Eta Cassiopeia; if the star has inhabitants and cable TV, it would just be receiving ESPN's first SportsCenter telecast with George Grande and Lee Leonard