My Top 3: Dwight Howard reveals his three favorite dunks ever

We rolled to Flushing for a commercial shoot this week; Vitamin Water has a new spot coming out called "Cosmonauts," whereby guys like Dwight Howard, David Ortiz, 50 Cent, and Brian Urlacher aspire to be Russian astronauts (it's dropping in June). While there, we caught up with Dwight for a few minutes, and he named his favorite 3 dunks in NBA history (he also taught us a new expression: "Lang'ed out.") Check out our video with him (embedded here) and then take a look at the dunks he referenced:

Vince Carter's dunk on Alonzo Mourning
Michael Jordan's dunk on Patrick Ewing [Ed's note: Patrick Ewing is one of Howard's coaches with the Magic. Ha]
Josh Smith's dunk on Primoz Brezec